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Tips for a pollution-free day at the beach

We are already in the middle of the holidays and visits to the beach are probably part of your routine. We are also enjoying our summer getaways and we wanted to put together a small and surprising guide, so that families like yours can make the preparations for a day at the beach without polluting the environment.

What do you mean by pollute?

I suppose some people understand the concept of pollution as grey plumes of smoke rising into the sky or ruinous rows of cars in any city, but no, pollution is something much simpler than that. 

Pollution is simply the introduction of any element or substance into an environment, which has a detrimental effect on the ecosystem. Leaving a plastic bottle in the sand or picking up and piling up stones are factors that alter the environment and have a negative impact on it.

Preserving the beautiful beaches of our coastline is a collective responsibility that we must not put off.

The key to going to the beach without polluting is in the preparations.

It is much easier to avoid polluting the beach if you make the right preparations before you leave home. There are great little tricks that you may not be aware of that can greatly reduce your impact.

Towels: The more trips to the beach, the more often your towels will go through the washing machine. With each wash, the fabrics release a not inconsiderable amount of microfibres. After a long journey from your washing machine they will finally reach the sea. Choosing beach towels made from natural fibres will reduce our environmental impact, as they are biodegradable. It is no coincidence that we have chosen organic cotton for our stuffed animals.

Sunscreen: Sunscreens are a potentially polluting product, both in terms of packaging and ingredients. It is essential to choose a sunscreen with a biodegradable formulation, and sunscreens in recyclable aluminium packaging have recently come onto the market. Your skin and our planet will be grateful.

Swimwear: The choice of swimwear is essential. Today, textile innovation has made it possible to make a wide range of swimwear for all members of the family from recycled materials. Opting for one or two quality, sustainable swimming costumes rather than one new model per season is a step in the direction of consumption that can save the planet.

Eating on the beach: Taking advantage of the shelter offered by the beach umbrella to have a family meal is a childhood memory that we cherish. Now that we are mothers, we should make tupperware and cutlery from home fashionable, because carrying our own food in our own containers will minimise the amount of rubbish we generate: piles of take-away food containers, plastic cups, single-use cutlery, dressing sachets... You can prepare a good home-cooked meal and enjoy it wherever you go with only aluminium, melamine, bamboo or other materials. Important! Avoid carrying any glass containers, as they could break and cause damage to other people enjoying the beach.

To conclude

The most important advice of all we leave for last: educating respect and love for nature is one of the most important missions facing families today. The little ones at home are the ones who will inherit the planet and they will have to take better care of it than those of us who came before them.

We hope you enjoy this well-deserved summer like never before and that our buddies make your little ones' naps sweeter. 

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