Peluches de calidad para los más pequeños

our vision

Knit a buddy is a brand of handmade stuffed animals and teethers in Peru with natural and organic materials for the little ones. We offer simple and high quality toys with an ethical and sustainable production, providing the best products for our babies and children. Because each of our products is hand-sewn point by point, they are unique and no two items are alike. We think this makes them even more special.

In addition, at Knit a buddy we consider the development of the creativity of little ones yo be essential. We believe that to stimulate that innate creativity they have, we must provide them with toys that are simple enough to allow them to develop their own imagination.

We have the notion that today’s girls and boys make use of their imagination less and less. They meet with rules of the game pre-established by adults. For us, a house is a house, but for them it can be a castle, a fortress or even a magical world.

With the simplicity of our designs we seek just that: allowing your imagination to flourish.

Niña con peluche de conejo
Peluches artesanales de animales
Nuria de Knitabuddy

behind knitabuddy

Knit a buddy products are carefully designed in a little corner of the Catalan Pyrenees by Núria, a teacher driven mad by the world of children. Then they come to life in Peru thanks to our team of artisans.

This project is the result of love for unique and singular things. For simplicity, sustainability and the desire that all our daughters and sons can live in a more conscious world, sensitive to environmental problems.

I wanted to build a project according to my convictions.

The result is Knit a buddy.



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