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Our cuddly octopus, Arlo

We will take advantage of today's post to continue with the presentations. This time of our octopus Arlo, one of the most recent additions to the small family of stuffed animals Knitabuddy. We are fascinated by marine animals and could not miss in...

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5 ideas to conserve beaches

In the same line of the post we shared with you a few weeks ago, we want to continue giving you ideas to conserve the beaches this summer. We have been documenting the impact that our summer activities have on the coast and we believe that the most important...

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Our seahorse, Minty

 We would love to introduce you to our seahorse, Minty. As I guess you already know, a few weeks ago we unveiled the new buddies that have made our family a little bit bigger and more diverse: Arlo the octopus, Peach the...

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