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Our cuddly sheep, Otto

Our stuffed sheep Otto responds to the personal need to add one of those little animals that carry with them the memory of our childhood. The little sheep of bedtime stories, of songs or those white fluffy sheep that jumped over an imaginary fence while dreaming.

How has it been designed?

I have already explained to you the ins and outs of the design and manufacture of all our collection of stuffed animals. I would like to remind you once again that all of them are made with organic Pima cotton, which is the best not only aesthetically because of its shine and softness, but also because it is the most resistant. Otto, our little sheep, is made from beginning to end of this wonderful hypoallergenic cotton that gives him the same fluffiness as those sheep we used to sleep with.

Everything about our cuddly sheep is pure detail and love for things well done. Its soft tones that accompany you in the most relaxed moments, the knitted fabric that covers the belly and ears, and that little tail that is a precious detail that completes the unique personality of our handmade cuddly toys.

Why our cuddly toy?

We strive to ensure that our cuddly characters can accompany girls and boys as they grow through different stages. Both Otto and the other animals in our cuddly toy collection are designed to be impregnated with mummy's smell and soothe crying during the first months, to be an indispensable companion on nights when fear of the dark appears for the first time. And of course, to be a guest at the table when they reach the fun stage of symbolic play.

Otto, Mila, Olivia and the rest of the Knit a Buddy friends are made with care and attention to detail and the message they carry. That's why we know that when you give one of our eco-friendly cuddly toys as a gift, you're not just giving a toy, you're giving a treasure that will be filled with memories to keep for a lifetime.

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