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Our seahorse, Minty

 We would love to introduce you to our seahorse, Minty. As I imagine you already know, a few weeks ago we unveiled the new buddies that have made our family a little bit bigger and more diverse: Arlo the octopus, Peach the starfish and Minty the seahorse. They are the new cuddly toys that make up this collection of sea animals from Knitabuddy. We are very, very happy with the great reception they have received.

We want to take advantage of this meeting space to offer you a closer look at the decisions we make in our small company, because our stuffed animals are not just stuffed animals. The design of each of our stuffed animals seeks to offer children the opportunity to connect with nature in a special and memorable way and to awaken a genuine intention to care for the planet and all its inhabitants. Ultimately, the children of today will be the adults of tomorrow.

The importance of marine ecosystems.

A few days ago, on the occasion of World Environment Day, we told you how important it is to make a collective effort in order to restoring marine ecosystems. The seas and oceans are vitally important because, as well as being the largest carbon sink on the planet, they contain an unparalleled biodiversity that is essential to preserve the balance that makes the whole world habitable. 

Because we want to help preserve and protect the world, we wanted to incorporate Minty, a soft and cuddly seahorse made of the best organic Pima cotton, into this little family. SEAHORSE soft and cuddly made of the best organic Pima cotton, who carries with him a fundamental message: we must take care of the sea this summer and all those that follow.

Why a seahorse?

Seahorses are one of many endangered marine species. Global warming and rising temperatures have also taken their toll on seas and oceans, destroying rich ecosystems or putting them in grave danger, as is the case with the Great Barrier Reef. Seahorses like Minty are inhabitants of shallow coastal ecosystems, which have also been seriously endangered by trawling and, of course, plastic pollution. 

These peculiar fish, the syngnathids, are beautiful animals that are sure to arouse the interest of the little ones at home. Of varying sizes, but always tiny, they are the only fish that swim vertically and therefore do so with little haste. They live in coral reefs, seagrass beds or mangrove swamps together with their mate, another syngnathid, with whom they will remain for the rest of their lives. 

From Knitabuddy we encourage you to investigate and pass on this love for seahorses to the little ones. Maybe having Minty as an adventure companion will awaken the curiosity of future generations committed to the environment.

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