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Baby teethers, why ours?

Today I will try to explain to you why our baby teethers are the right choice to soothe their gums during teething.

When the time comes to make purchasing decisions for our babies, many doubts arise as to whether the choice will be the right one. Whether we will know how to choose the right product from the whole range available today. 

Non-toxic material

It is absolutely essential that any teether you choose is made from materials - whether natural or non-toxic. Specifically, avoid any teether made from chlorinated plastic or PVC and of course, it should be BPA-free (Bisphenol A). 

When it comes to materials, we have opted for wood for several reasons. It is a natural, non-toxic material - only treated with beeswax - and has a great sensory value that cannot be matched by artificial materials.

We have combined the untreated wood with 100% organic Pima cotton yarn with Oeko-tex certificationwhich is hypoallergenic and a gentler alternative to chewing when your baby needs to soothe their gums.

Sensory toy

For us, creating a teether that doubles as a toy is a plus. Before or after the teething stage it will remain a useful object, and that in terms of sustainability is a success.

As a teether made from natural materials, it offers a special touch and smell that no other plastic teether can match. In addition, its shape is a good stimulus for the first months of your baby's life, as their visual development is slow and they need simple objects.


Our teethers are designed for smaller hands. The wooden ring is thick enough for them to hold it, and its light weight of only 55 grams makes it easy to move. We have thought of every detail to make our wooden teethers your baby's favourite.


We care a lot about the durability of our products. Creating high quality and durable children's products contributes to a more sustainable world, as they can stay with us for a long time and can even be passed down through the family.

We have chosen to make the Knitabuddy teethers with wood, as it is a highly resistant material and easy to clean: just water and neutral ecological soap. It is easy to maintain and looks much better for longer than plastic materials.


When designing all our products we had in mind to create quality soft toys and teethers that not only have an attractive design for young and old, but also avoid gender stereotypes. We love simple toys that don't put up barriers to the imagination.

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