Meet our characters


They say that long necks are ideal for very, very long hugs. The truth is that those long and tender cuddles drive me crazy!

I would love to accompany you throughout your adventure.

Together we can do brilliant things!
They often say that I am the cutest and most adorable rabbit in the whole forest. 

don’t know if it’s because of the pearl gray color of my cotton, because of my long ears or because of my soft tail. With me, your secrets will always be safe.

Don’t you want to cuddle me?
Although many believe I am serious, I can assure you that I’m very cheerful and chatty!

I’m always telling stories wherever I go - I confess, most of them are made up.

I bet your life is a lot of fun, but it sure would be the bomb with a partner like me.
Many say that I am the funniest bear in the forest, with a warm, kind heart. 

I have a great time playing, but I'm even happier snuggled up in bed. Also, I am always ready to help a friend in need.

I think we could be best friends!
I am Otto the lamb, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I am a perfect companion for little adventurers!

You’ll often find me at the bottom of your bed, as I love keeping your feet warm on cold winter nights.

I’m convinced that we will be friends for life. I promise!
I am a very noble and loyal friend, always behind, above, below or next to you.

You can be sure that I am a good companion in life and I will always take care of you, even if it looks like I’m sleeping. 

From our very first hug I’m sure we’ll be inseparable!
Although I may seem unfriendly, I have to tell you that I am the cutest thing you will find on the seabed.

I am an octopod, that is, I have eight long arms full of suction cups to kiss you non-stop. In addition, I have three hearts that will love you more than anything.

I'm amazing, right?
I'm a bit of a weird fish, as I don't have a single scale and I love to swim upright.

To be honest, I'm not a very good swimmer, that's why I let myself be carried by the ocean currents, like a feather.

I love living in shallow and very warm waters. Will you come with me?
You will always find me near coral reefs or hidden among the rocks.

I am very affectionate and I love hugs. I have five arms to hold you tight!

Although it seems that I hide in the depths, you will always have me by your side. I promise!



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