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5 ideas to conserve beaches

Along the same lines as the post we shared with you a few weeks ago, we want to continue giving you ideas on how to conserve beaches this summer. We have been documenting the impact that our summer activities have on the coast and we think it might be helpful to put together a little summer environmental manual.

Here is a small list of tips to keep in mind when you are enjoying the beautiful space that nature offers us on the coast of our country:

Recycle wherever you go

Everything you throw on the beach will end up in the sea and apart from filling the waters with toxic and unsightly plastics, we will be endangering marine animals who may mistake our rubbish for food. 

If you want to reduce your impact, all you have to do is take containers with you in which you can separate the rubbish you generate and then throw it in the appropriate bin. Anything will do: compostable bags from your shopping in different establishments, paper bags from the greengrocer's or even an empty tupper from your home picnic in which to keep the organic waste until the end of the day. 

No cigarette butts on the beach

Cigarette butts, though small, have a far from inconspicuous impact on the environment. As well as littering the sand on the beach and causing bad smells, a single filter can pollute up to three litres of water and take between five and twenty years to decompose. Carrying a portable ashtray is a small gesture that can make a big difference.

Don't let it be noticed that we have been there

One of the keys to not polluting is to try to generate as little impact as possible from our activity in the area. Collecting shells and piling up stones are two beach fashions that we should abandon, since everything that makes up an ecosystem has its function. 

Who is hiding under those stones or hiding in those shells? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Everything has its function in nature and clearly ours should not be to rearrange it, so the best we can do is try to leave everything as it was when we arrived.

On the beach, only the foam of the waves

There are few things more pleasurable than a good shower after a long day at the beach. Removing the layer of saltpetre that we wear like a second skin is something that many people need to do before even returning home, but it is very important to avoid using soaps and shampoos in public showers.

Most commercial shampoos and gels are not biodegradable. Unless you opt for eco-friendly formulas, it is best to avoid using these products in beach showers as it will be difficult to avoid the remains of these hygiene products ending up in the sea directly. The best thing to do in this case is to clean yourself with water only and wait until you get home to take a full shower.

The most important tip for the end

As always, we like to make a small final reflection on our work as a company and as individuals. It is in our hands to change the course towards a more respectful model of society. We want to bequeath a beautiful and diverse world in which future generations can follow in their footsteps and that is why we believe that the key to our success lies in raising awareness among children, in teaching them to conserve and love nature.

Our ecological soft toys aim to create the first emotional connection with animals and all that they represent, but it is up to mothers, fathers, grandparents, teachers and society in general to ensure that this love flourishes and lasts a lifetime. 

Let us strive to educate for change!

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