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New buddies in the family: cuddly sea animals.

We are very proud to introduce you to the new buddies of the Knitabuddy family: cute and cuddly cuddly sea animals.  

As we have already explained, our first collection consisted of many more, which were gradually stuffed animals that little by little were selected until we ended up with the six that you already know. We wanted to achieve a collection of cotton stuffed animals of the best material and ethical quality. And being as we are a small brand, we had to choose only six of our favourite characters in order to meet the production costs. The rest we reserved for the hopefully not too distant future.

We can finally reveal the secret we have been keeping for the last few months and share with you our new buddies. This small collection of cuddly marine animals is the result of a careful work and the illusion of accompanying the little ones in their summer adventures.

Summer holidays, the smell of saltpetre, floats and sand toys in the shape of a castle, starfish or octopus are memories that have stayed with us all our lives. Our love for everything related to the sea probably comes from those days we spent on the shore playing without paying attention to the clock. That's why we wanted to expand the Knitabuddy family with this small summer collection made up of Arlo the octopus, Minty the seahorse and Peach the starfish.

Arlo the octopus

We are very excited about our stuffed octopus Arlo, the biggest of the family and also the one who gives the best hugs. Made of organic Pima cotton and hand-knitted, he is a fluffy, soft and very funny stuffed octopus, with no detail missing.

We are convinced that he will be an exceptional holiday companion.

Minty the seahorse

The seahorse is one of the cutest sea animals and that's why we wanted him to be in this special collection. Minty is a full-coloured cuddly toy full of little details that together give him this fresh and friendly character.

Minty is sure to have a place in this summer's suitcase.

Peach the starfish

Finally we present Peach, the starfish. A super soft cuddly cuddly toy with extra cuddliness. As fluffy as a cushion and pleasant to the touch as the rest of our stuffed animals, she will become your best friend for naps.

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